Christa Carlson 

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Christa is an ERYT-200 registered Yoga Instructor who has been teaching yoga for 6 years.  She began her practice in 2011 and realized how much she loved finding her breath in stillness and within movement.  Wanting to share this with others, she took teacher training at The Center in 2012 and has never looked back!  She has a talent for motivating students with enthusiasm and encouragement. Challenging students to listen to their own bodies taking the poses to their edge or backing off a bit depending on what their body is telling them in each moment. One of her favorite words is “Maybe”.  Being able to take your breath from your mat and into your world is a gift just waiting to be opened.


Nicole Kardine 

GH-768x511-NicoleNicole first discovered yoga in high school, attending weekly classes with her mom and sister. Her practice came and went as so often happens with the ebb and flow of life. She returned to the mat and became rooted again in a consistent practice, at which point the “shift” began. Her path led her to The Center from the referral of her dear friend and teacher, Kathleen Metzker. Nicole was drawn to complete the MBSR program that is offered at The Center and she was launched down the path of self discovery, acceptance and love. A thirst for a deeper practice, a deeper connection to her true Self led her to her teacher Dawn MotherHeart Smelser. With Dawn’s guidance and love she completed her 200 YTT at MotherHeart Yoga Sangha. In addition to being a 200 RYT, Nicole is also a Reiki Master Practitioner. Believing in the interconnectedness of all beings, she feels called to share the practices and light that inspire her everyday. Community and how to best serve the community is what drives her to cast her fears aside and allow her heart to lead the way.