Group Classes In The Philly Area

We are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It is exciting to share that some classes are returning back to in person. Please click here to register for in person classes (at 530 Brandywine Avenue, Downingtown, PA) and keep an eye out for new classes. The online classes will remain as it is until we get past the current pandemic crisis. Note that the in person classes are NOT hybrid. They are only available in person. The space is limited for these classes, so sign up as soon as you can. Those who wish to come in person must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination when you come in. Please refrain from attending classes if you are sick. Those who don’t feel comfortable to come into a class, please click here to find the details of our online classes. The classes are posted only week to week. They are posted on Fridays for the week ahead. So don’t forget to check in every Friday for new classes. The standard classes will run every week and will get posted for sign up every Friday morning. All classes are 75 minutes.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer – Please support Meera here in this link. Thank you.

In person Class Schedule ( keep an eye out on this space for new classes)

Location-530 Brandywine Avenue, Downingtown PA

Saturdays 9:15 am Flow

Online Class Schedule

Sundays 10am Mindful Yoga and Meditation

Mondays 7 am Flow

Wednesdays 5:30 pm Flow

*** Thursdays 7 am Mindful Yoga and Meditation*** Temporarily Unavailable

You can also find registration details like payment, waivers and participant agreement on the description part of the links below. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions at

1. In person classes –

Location-530 Brandywine Avenue, Downingtown, PA

2. Online classes

3. Workshops Link ( includes links to Aim High, Moyo, KJW & Associates, Pranakriya)

4. Looking for freebies? Here is a link to my Season 1 of the Podcast which is a free practice of 31 days of mindful moments. This is a great way to reset and get back on your yoga journey anytime you find yourself lost. You can also find my yoga journey as a blog here.

5. Balvihar Community Yoga Classes (For Chinmaya Group Only)

Be safe, stay well.

Thank you for visiting us online,

( Usha and her team at Yogabhyasa Kalari)

Email for Questions:Yogabhyasa.



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