Group Classes In The Philly Area

1. Online Class Schedule

Sundays 10am Mindful Yoga and Meditation

Wednesdays 5:30 pm Flow

Select Thursdays 7 pm Yoga and Nidra

Please click here to register for Online classes

2. In person Class Schedule

Location-530 Brandywine Avenue, Downingtown PA

Select Saturdays 9:15 am Flow

Please click here to register for in person classes

3. In person and Online Workshops

Workshops Link ( includes links to Aim High, Moyo, KJW & Associates, Pranakriya)

4. Freebies:

Here is a link to my Season 1 of the Podcast which is a free practice of 31 days of mindful moments. This is a great way to reset and get back on your yoga journey anytime you find yourself lost. You can also find my yoga journey as a blog here.

5. Chinmaya Satsang and Activities

Balvihar Community Yoga Classes (For Chinmaya Group Only)

6.Living Beyond Breast Cancer –

Please support Meera here in this link. Thank you.

Thank you for visiting us online,

( Usha and her team at Yogabhyasa Kalari)

Email for



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