Center Classes Moving

Usha’s Classes are Moving 1 Mile Down the Road, under 5 minutes from the Center – YAY!

to 530 Brandywine Avenue, Downingtown, PA after June 30th, 2019

**Wed Flow Yoga – 5:30pm to 6:45pm

**Sun Mindful Yoga – 10 am to 11:15 am (Aug 4, Aug 11- Classes cancelled, classes start on Aug 18)

** Scroll along, read and go all the way to the bottom of the page for Summer Schedule, Sub Details, Pricing. A few pictures of the new space below.


Payments (Cash or Check), Card is an option with added service charge per transaction.

Center Pricing of Single class – USD 15, 5 class card – USD 60 valid for 8 weeks.

Sign up will be a must as the space is limited to 15 people per class. But we have a genius of an application to sign up. Google “Sign Up Genius”, go to their link and Search with Usha’s email

You will need to create a free account to sign up. But that’s easy. Email Usha if you have questions.

Usha is running 6 special classes between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for her clients to familiarize with the new sign up process, check out the beautiful space she is moving to. Please check out her special classes and join her for some fun before school ends and summer begins.


Special Classes

Here are the links for her remaining specials, please sign up in advance and make payments as space is limited. *Please do show up if you sign up*

Father’s Day Special (June 16 noon 12 pm to 1:15 pm)

**Summer Schedule and Subbing info**

Usha will be teaching on these days this summer

7/21, 7/24, 7/28, 7/31, 8/18 . Regular schedule with Usha begins on Weds and Suns from 8/18 onwards.

Usha will be out of town on the following days this summer, the classes are still on with great instructors. These classes will have subs, check back for the subbing info for dates that are not mentioned below.

June 26 (at the Center), July 3, July 10, July 17, Aug 7, Aug 14  ( at 530 Brandywine Ave.) – Christa Carlson

June 30(at the Center) – Kristen Vogel

July 7, July 14 ( at 530 Brandywine Ave) – Nicole Kardine

Aug 4, Aug 11- Classes cancelled, no subs.


If you have gotten till here, read this little note from Usha shared with the Center’s community.

Om Om to You, Dear Yogi Friend.

With  the Center at 15 Green Street closing in one month’s time, new doors are opening. Yoga teaches us to practice ‘being comfortable with change and then to revel in it’. It teaches us to become unstuck, let go of everything we hold onto and then embrace the new.  Locations close, teachers change, life becomes complicated but the practice continues. Nothing stays the same forever.We are often reminded that change is inevitable. Constant practice is the only answer to make headway in this journey. Now we have an opportunity to explore new possibilities. Hope is positive and motivating.  Instead of resistance, I hope you will invite change with open arms.  I know I intend to.
My Wed and Sun classes will continue 1 mile down the road on 530 Brandywine Ave after June 30th. It is a beautiful space owned by Kathleen West who has kindly offered the use of her space to host my classes.   You can get further updates and sign up details  on my website
Maybe you will decide to join me, maybe you wont. Either way I would like to thank YOU for joining me in this journey over the last 8 years. I am so glad that our paths crossed the way it did. I am very grateful for your presence in my life, much more than you know. You have helped me grow as a practitioner, and I hope that we will continue to traverse this path alongside each other.  Do stay in touch via phone or email or Facebook.  I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors,
Namaste,  🌞🕉💙🙏
Usha Lakshmi

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