Weekly Online Class Offerings

Hi All, Hope you are doing wonderful and well. Healthy too. Strange times call for stranger measures. More than ever we need Yoga and Mindfulness practices now. After trying to teach a few online classes and hearing your input, it looks like I can continue to run these classes till we meet face to face. So here is my weekly schedule that would change slightly from week to week till I figure what days and times work for the majority. My Wed nights and Sunday mornings will be permanent. But there will be new classes every week. Classes get posted every Thursday night for the week ahead. So keep coming back to this site and keep your eyes open for dates and times. There will be a variety of classes with me. Details of classes can be seen if you scroll to the bottom of this page.

Flow Yoga – All levels welcome. A mindful paced energetic and sweaty flow class.  Come and explore your energy as it ebbs and flows. See you on the mat. 

Mindful Yoga and Meditation – All levels welcome. Starting with breathwork to mindful movement to Meditation. Perfect for beginners to advanced practitioners. 

Yoga and Nidra – All levels welcome.  The class begins with half an hour of  mindful yoga practice to warm up the body, connect with the breath and focus awareness into the moment. This will be followed by a scrumptious guided meditation lying down. This meditation is well known as Yoga Nidra, and it is beneficial for all level practitioners. This is also said to be great for people who have insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. You will feel well rested to take on the days ahead with energy and calm. 

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