1. Moyo Flow Class on Friday at 9:15 am

2. Aim High Flow Class on Wed at 9:15 am

3. KJW& Associates on Sat @ 9:15 am(in person select Saturdays)

4.Pranakriya Kids Philosophy(20 hours)

5.Pranakriya Meditation Program(30 hours)

6.Pranakriya Bhagavad Gita (30 hours)

7. Pranakriya Universe Program (20 hours)

8. Pranakriya Theme Weaving Program(20 hours)

9. New Year Reset- One Tues per month 7pm to 9pm ,year long.

10. New Year Reset -Day Retreat

11. 40 Days New Year Transformation

Other Links

  • Wellness Travel Asia – We provide wellness travel for individuals and groups to destinations like India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and many more. For full details of our services please click the link below and reach out to us.

Travel Asia

  • For daily classes follow the link below

Weekly Schedule 

  • Time Away when there are no classes, please check the Holidays Link Below


Please contact for details @

484 686 8346

You can also reach us via email

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