Studio Etiquette

1. Arrive fifteen minutes early to sign  and set up for practice.

2. New student forms and waiver must be signed for first timers. Bring a photo id for this.

3. Whether you are a new client or existing client always sign in the waiver must be done before class.

4. Silence cell phones and beepers during class.

5.  Keep yourself hydrated through out the day before practice. Drink plenty of fluids after practice.

6. Notify the teacher if you are pregnant or recovering from an injury before  class. If there is a medical condition or an injury consult with your doctor before coming to class.

7. Bring a towel, water and a mat.(mats can be rented too)

8.  Bring straps or blocks if you already have them and use them for a practice.

9.  Leave your shoes and other belongings outside of the studio, it is advisable to practice in bare feet. But if there is a need to wear socks for any particular reason, talk to the teacher before class.

10. Wear comfortable clothing, be mindful of  the others and do not wear perfumes.

11. Eat nothing right before class (if you do eat at all due to a condition try to eat light or have food at least two hours before class) AND keep yourself hydrated.

12. Bring a light fleece or a sweatshirt and socks to wear in case you feel cold at the end of class during rest.

13.  Try to observe silence during practice, adress questions or concerns before or after class.

14. Children 12 and under are not recommended for the adult workshops offered at this time. However private classes are offered for kids, individual or group, depending on the needs.

15. All children under 18 must have  their parent/guardian sign off the waiver.

16. Keep the studio and the environment clean.

17. Keep up with regular practice and enjoy the experience over and over again.

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