Timings & Classes Offered

24 hour Pre-registration for all classes requested via email @ yogabhyasa.kalari@gmail.com or call via phone @ 484 – 686 8346  to confirm  class timing details.Try not to wait until the last-minute to register as classes can fill up quick due to limited space or  a date may not be available. So if you know you are coming please pre-register.

Schedule ***

*** Check out the holidays we are closed .

Pick your time and we will accommodate you the best way we can. You can choose 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes of practice between these time slots.  Several times available for lessons based on individual or group needs. Call 484-686 8346 or email yogabhyasa.kalari@gmail.com for scheduling. Check Pricing for the per hour charge.

Classes & Workshops Offered

Power Flow – An overall workout to detoxify and cleanse the entire being. Perfect spring cleansing for the body and mind. Expect to sweat and feel good at the end of this fun yoga practice- better than a sauna for sure. All levels welcome.

Focused Flow- This is  a mindful practice  where focus is mostly on the breath. We also have mindful flow of movements to stretch the body and it concludes with a ten minute guided meditation. This is perfect to welcome the spring with a feeling of lightness and energy. All levels welcome.

Beginners Flow –  This is slower paced and broken down depending on the strength of the participating group. It will also give you a feel for how the beginner classes that will be on the full time schedule. All levels welcome.

Flow – one of the above based on the participants’ interest.

Gentle Stretch, Breathing and Meditation Series.

Group Lessons Outside This Studio – We also teach in several studios in the Phialadelphia area, check out this page to get to the studio specifics  and check out their  pricing policies and studio etiquette.

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