2013 Ends

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And yes, 2013 ends….

…and yet another year  begins. 2014. Time moves quickly. Let’s not forget ourselves in this fast paced world. Lets learn to practice presence and appreciate each moment as though it is the only moment in time. This year gone was full of change. Same can be said about the upcoming year 2014. Embracing change will help us move forward in our journeys without too many deviations and distractions. So lets embrace change wholeheartedly as we strive to move into the new. At the Yogabhyasa Kalari, that’s our motto. On we march, embracing the change. On we march, one breath at a time, embracing the moment.On we march, with hopes and dreams, embracing the reality.On we march, hand in hand, embracing the Universal Energy – yours and ours combined. If we haven’t met already, let’s hope our paths cross soon in the New Year. Enjoy the holidays. For more frequent blog updates follow the link below.

My Yoga Journey

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