Happy Holidays

With the holidays round the corner I wanted to wish you the very best for a safe and calming season ahead. I believe this is the most testing part of the year. It is no surprise that we tire ourselves out in the preparatory work for the holidays and forget to live the moment. In our haste, we miss the magic of the season. So remember to stop and enjoy the crispy weather, remember to breathe in the fragrances, remember to listen to the wishes of a million others, remember to touch with reverence and taste with pleasure – remember to remember that it is the moments that count, not the before or the after. And in doing so, we give ourselves the most precious gift of the season. We gift ourselves love and peace. We gift ourselves unbound happiness that ends the year with a bang, the remnants of which will take us into the next year and beyond.  So here is wishing you this experience today and through out the season.  Here is wishing you a wonderful holiday ahead.

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